Small Victory South Granville

Bakery + Coffee Shop
Location / Vancouver
Size / 3800 sf

Photography / Conrad Brown

Small Victory South Granville Bakery is the second location of this small family establishment located in one of the most picturesque streets of Vancouver. Evoking the sophisticated charm of a bygone era, this new bakery and café celebrates the sense of luxury of European food halls and brings classic elegance to this busy shopping neighbourhood.

Leckie Studio has transformed this new café into a timeless hospitality experience by drawing inspiration from the old continent elegant coffee and bakery houses, in a clever balance between modernity and comfort. The design was informed by the unusual distribution of the existing space. The position of the preexisting columns – located directly in line with the entry access – manifested into a space divided into two unique volumes. The two main areas are clearly defined by the use of brass bulkheads which instantly transform the space with their refined, elegant charm. The coffee bar area is framed by the imposing volume of the brass mesh bulkhead while the cash desk features a more subdued minimal framework. The main eating area is flanked by a second bar in one side of the room and by dining tables lined in the other.

The interiors communicate pleasure and delight: polished surfaces, dense materials, strong geometries and forced perspective create a grandeur sensation. A Calacatta marble coffee bar extends into the heart of the cafe, connecting the food and drink preparation space with an open, communal ambiance. This natural dense material is combined with engineered metal framing, which adds value in a subtle and minimalist way. The grey-veined marble stone was selected for its warm tones and ability to weather beautifully.  The designers retained the room’s original ceiling and columns in their raw condition with the aim to add an imperfect touch and  as a juxtaposition to the elegant decor palette of brass, oak and marble. To compliment the ceiling Vancouver-based lighting designer Matthew McCormick provides the serene and geometrical Mila luminaries which enhance the interior’s clarity by juxtaposing sensuality with strict silhouettes.

Small Victory South Granville includes a 44-seat cafe bakery room, lounge, and a 9 seat front desk coffee bar. From the polished brass bulkheads to Calacatta marble counter tops and oak detailing, Small Victory’s delicate palette provides a subtle warmth and allure. Black steel in the furniture and the central bar counter unifies the space, connecting the individual colour islands. Custom chairs made of oak and blue coloured leather for the coffee area, have a reassuring, familiar feel without contradicting the modern ambiance.

Michael Leckie, Principal architect at Leckie Studio explains; “For the second location of Small Victory we wanted to ensure a contemporary yet timeless interiors. Our vision was to embrace the space, food offers and elements and to combine them all seamlessly. Minimalist modern interiors can be at risk of feeling a bit cold and lifeless, by skilfully using natural finishes and fabrics, we manage to create a cozy place, a pleasurable experience and a calm retreat from the busy street. Small Victory offers a design that is elegant and timeless but also warm and approachable  – a truly unique experience where to enjoy a good coffee and a delicious chocolate croissant”.