Pavilion Cowork

Location / Vancouver
Project Type / Commercial Interior
Size / 10,043 sf

Photography / Ema Peter
Collaborator / Gaile Guevara Studio

Pavilion Cowork is situated in Mount Pleasant on the corner of East 5th and Ontario St., one of Vancouver’s most energetic neighborhoods, located near a diverse range of restaurants and coffee shops. The neighboring community informs the client base for Pavilion’s new coworking space, looking to create a dynamic collective of professionals and like-minded industry leaders. Pavilion is a coworking space specifically tailored to the unique needs of professionals working in the fields of finance, law, accounting, engineering, architecture and more.

Leckie Studio worked as the architect of record for Pavilion Cowork, which was founded by local real estate developer Alabaster Homes. Leckie Studio was responsible for taking the project from the start of an idea through to execution, touching on all key deliverables throughout the process of design and construction. The interior design was executed in close collaboration with Gaile Guevara Studio.

The design of Pavilion Cowork employs a minimal material palette and sophisticated approach to design, drawing inspiration from the materials and makers found on the Pacific Northwest. The intent was to create a comfortable and focused place for a community of like-minded individuals to bring health and collaboration into their working environment and lifestyle. The design brings natural wood, warm lighting and greenery into the space, and creates touchpoints that reflect the colour, texture, tone and energy of a home environment. Pavilion achieves a unique perspective on office interior design, using a restrained material palette and tonality that feels comfortable yet sophisticated.

The programming includes access to private offices, hot desks and virtual offices with a focus on creating a healthy work environment and using design to seamlessly integrate technology into the space. The space includes amenities for showering and changing, as well as secure bike parking to encourage bike commuting within the city. One key feature that was highly considered to ensure the comfort of the professionals working in the space, was the idea of confidentiality. This was designed and integrated by the use and detailing of materials to minimize acoustic transmission, as well as providing secure high-speed internet access and secure integrated technology for video conferencing.

Pavilion Cowork | Leckie Studio Architecture + Design
Pavilion Cowork | Leckie Studio Architecture + Design