Mass Timber Pavilion

Location / Vancouver
Project Type / Mass Timber Demountable Building
Size / 6000 sf

This project is a temporary 6,000-square-foot engineered timber pavilion. The building will act as a sales center for two future residential towers, a program that will last for approximately three years, after which the modular components will be recycled, or repurposed on a new site. The architecture is conceived as a modular shell that easily supports reconfiguration of interior programs and spaces. An uncompromising perimeter of glulam columns spaced on 8-foot-centres supports deep glulam beams spanning the full width of the building. Pre-fabricated wood wall panels and a CLT roof allow for minimal construction time on site, while carefully considered full-height glazing and a continuous clerestory bring in natural light. Interior spaces are thought of as ‘pods’ that can change as the needs of users evolve over the life-span of the building.