Location / Iceland
Project Type / Competition Design
Size / 84,000 sf

The Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant competition was a collaboration with Vogafjos Farm Resort, located east of Lake Mývatn. Competition participants were tasked with designing a greenhouse concept restaurant.

The greenhouse would allow Vogafjos Farm to grow salad vegetables, fruits, and berries that could then be served in the restaurant, offering the guests an immersive experience, as well as delicious, locally produced food. Designs for the Greenhouse Restaurant needed to accommodate 100 guests and include standard amenities, such as an appropriately-sized kitchen, storage facilities, and toilets. The owners sought to develop a restaurant in which guests could see how the food is grown, combined with a view of the milky blue mineral water of Mývatn Nature Baths on one side and Hverfjall volcano on the other. The owners are also looking to include a multipurpose hall that can be used for a number of different events, such as movie nights and yoga classes. Any additional functionality can be suggested where appropriate.

The form of the project is derived from both the physical and vernacular contextual conditions. The floor plan references the circular form of volcanic formations and the notion of terra-forming – the earth’s emerging from the core to the surface – a moment of focus in an otherwise desolate landscape. The architectural form emerges subtly from the surrounding landscape, providing a privileged view of the pools and the Hverfjall volcano in the distance. The cloistered courtyard mediates light pollution from the greenhouse into the surrounding landscape – particularly through the darkness of the winter months.

2022 / International Architecture Competition / Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant / Client Favorite