COVID-19 Safety Plan

Leckie Studio is committed to following the guidelines set forth by the government and WorkSafeBC.
Our COVID-19 Safety Plan below outlines the steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our staff and the broader community.

The studio is now open with a limited number of staff.
For deliveries, the studio doors are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
Please call if you are delivering outside of the hours listed above.


Monitoring Our Health

We are advising staff that should they feel sick or have persistent sneezing, coughing, sore throat, or shortness of breath:

Stay home. Pay attention to your health and how you are feeling
Call 8-1-1 to speak to a nurse at Health Link BC for medical advice
If at any time symptoms become severe contact 9-1-1

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

We ask everyone to follow these protocols to maintain a safe environment:

When entering or leaving the studio use hand sanitizer or washing of hands
Use slack / phone / emails to communicate with each other as much as possible
Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after accessing common areas such as the meeting room, material room or supply cabinet
Any documents going out to the public should be handled with safety. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before handling drawing sets or any documents going to clients / consultants
Meetings in the Small Meeting Room are limited to no more than 2-3 people at a time and door should remain open if possible to allow for some ventilation
Once the meeting is over please wipe down all surfaces, remotes, keyboard, mouse, door knobs with disinfectant spray
If you are booking a meeting in any of the common areas of the studio please allow time between meetings for disinfecting and proper cleaning of the space
Larger meetings should take place in the front area allowing for 2m of physical distance between each person. In the event that you cannot meet the physical distance protocol please consider wearing a form of PPE (face mask, face shield)
We ask that all staff bring their your own cutlery, dishes and mugs from home and ask that they take their dishes home to wash after use. This is to minimize exposure from sharing.
We ask that if possible staff should to eat at your desk or take lunch breaks outside – as we do not currently have a designated eating / break area
Both washrooms (men / women) should only be occupied by one person at a time
For those of us who can, please avoid public transit


Outside Visitors

We limit in-person meetings and use Zoom and phone if possible. When an in-person client / consultant meeting is required we follow the following protocols:

Keep attendants of in-person meetings to essential persons only
Ask that visitors come at the specified time to minimize waiting time
Provide guests with hand sanitizer upon arrival
There are a box of face masks in the front area and offered to guests should they ask for one or should they not feel comfortable with proximity
We are not offering beverages at this time
When holding the meeting, we follow physical distancing guidelines of 2m of distance between guests and staff. In areas where you are unable to maintain distance we urge the use of PPE
We keep a log of all outside visitors  –  who we meet in the studio and at what time
For pick ups / deliveries, we are requesting contactless deliveries and maintain physical distancing with delivery person. Packages can be dropped off / picked up from the designated table in the front area

Studio Cleaning

Common areas will be cleaned by the building cleaning staff nightly however, we ask all staff to pitch in to sanitize and disinfect our workplace throughout the day. All equipment should be wiped down with Lysol after every use (equipment including but not limited to: xerox machine, tv remote, meeting area keyboard and mouse, coffee machine, and water cooler)

At the start of each day and at least once or twice throughout the day the following areas should be wiped down:

Alarm Panel
Light switches
Door handles
Water tap / Coffee machine
Xerox machine
And all other commonly touched surfaces and equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At this time, we will not be enforcing the use of PPE

We allow the use of PPE and recommend it when proper physical distancing protocols cannot be met or for regular use should the staff feel it necessary
We ask that everyone follow the manufactures instructions on proper use
We ask each individual to be responsible to ensure that your personal PPE does not come into contact with others
Upon the removal of PPE we ask that staff disinfect any surface it encounters
Any single use PPE is asked to be disposed of immediately and safely after use

What the Studio will do

Here is what the Studio will do to maintain a safe and welcoming work environment

Post our Studio COVID-19 Safety Plan and be sure that all staff follow protocols
Ensure adequate supplies to maintain the hygienic standards as described by WorkSafeBC
Maintain a clean work environment
Reconfigure the studio space to allow for proper physical distancing
Continually evaluate the ongoing situation and implement changes when applicable
Be available for your questions and concerns

Government Guidelines

In preparation of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, we have consulted Worksafe BC and followed the advice of the Province of BC Health Ministry.

For more info regarding Safe Operations in the Workplace please visit WorkSafeBC
For more info regarding the BC Restart Plan please visit